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Hi my name is Chris and I am owner and trainer at CHRISFIT.

I have helped countless numbers of clients become happier and healthier people over the years. I have taught over 20000 hours of Personal Training and Small Group PT, along with over 5000 exercise classes.

It is through these years of experience that I have learned to engage with each client at a personal level.


I know I have the right approach because my clients keep coming back for more. Indeed I have some  clients I have been training for 10 plus years.


Hi my names is Judy and I am the PA at ChrisFit. You will see me in the studio a lot helping Chris with the daily running of the business. 

I enjoy training, especially the weightlifting side of it. I have trained with Chris for 6 years and love our one 2 one sessions. You will often see me at the group classes we run and love the fun with training in a group session. 

If you see me in the studio, pop over and say Hi and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Chris can be very busy sometimes and I am there to help take some of the pressure off him. 

I am currently studying to become a PT and can't wait to help you all become better versions of yourselves. Fun fact, I had my own Beauty and Body Therapy Clinic for 15 years and have qualifications in massage and beauty therapy through ITEC & CIDESCO.



Hi my name is Joshua and I am an apprentice at my dad's company.


I have always loved training with my dad and have now begun a career in Personal Training, with him as my mentor.


You will see me in the studio shadowing him, whilst learning the essentials skills needed to be a successful PT.

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