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In-Studio Consultation


The first step in our journey together. A 45 minute informal chat, where you get to meet your trainer and discuss your health and fitness goals.


We discuss your current nutrition and exercise routine and how we can best improve it. We will also recommend the best plan for you to begin your journey with us.



1:1 Personal Training


This is where the magic happens. Working with each individual, the studio is setup for you and only you. Only the trainer and yourself will be in the studio during your session.


The session when set up this way, runs smoothly and with maximum potential for results. Clients are guided and nurtured each session to give of their best. As clients fitness and strength improves, so the workouts become more intense but always enjoyable.


We pride ourselves in achieving goals, one client at a time.


Discounts available by purchasing a Premium, Standard or Basic Plan.


Virtual Personal Training


1:1 Personal Training session, live from Studio to Home.

Virtual PT is ideal for those who have a busy schedule and haven't the free time to make it into our studio.


Virtual PT is perfect for those who want professional help and accountability of a Personal Trainer, that can guide them through an effective training session.


Once your session is booked, you will receive a Zoom link for our session together.


2:1 Semi-Private Personal Training


Spread the cost of your PT session with a friend or loved one. Whilst, having fun and motivating each other to work harder. Training with another client, is great for accountability and motivation. We tailor all workouts to suit each individual, so that it feels just like a 1:1 PT session.


Note: Price is £40 in total. Just select the time on the calendar that best suits you and you are all set. No cash payments accepted. Session lasts 45mins.

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4:1 Small Group Personal Training


Train with a small group of friends or family, where the program is tailored to suit everyone. This is a great addition to PT and Semi-Private PT, plus the craic and motivation of a group. Each session is different, which keeps your motivation high. Plus with the group dynamic, the added drive of working as a team and building long lasting friendships.

Note: To book, only one person books the session for the whole group. Priced at £50 for the session.

Sessions last 45mins.


Nutrition Consultation

The perfect option if you need help with your current diet. Whether that be, bringing you back on track after a period of poor eating or looking to improve your nutrition for improvements with your body image.


We sit down and discuss your current patterns and create strategies to help you progress.