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Your Trainer is Lying to You (Bull)


The fitness industry is a highly competitive, cut throat market. We are all looking for the next best thing or the new super duper miracle fat loss cure. We don't want the results in 6 months or a year, we want it right freakin now.

So is it any wonder that trainers, coaches, gyms and companies have started to tap into this unstoppable need for fast, quick results.

I have to admit, it does look tempting and I can see how people would want it, I would, if it was possible or indeed healthy.


Here are some examples of the somewhat unbelievable and quite frankly, startling claims made.

1. "How I lost 25 lbs of fat in two weeks, with this New Weight-Loss Herbal Product" (By the way, that would require cutting roughly 87500 kcals from your diet. Now I'm a big eater and I would struggle to eat all that. So this is the first one, I call bull on.

2. If you want a six pack you got to do Core Training. Well I got news for you Mr 6 Pack, you won't get no 6 pack from just doing Core Training. If your diets rubbish, then no amount of sit-ups is going to help. Two simple things to remember, you can't out train a crappy diet and you can't spot lose fat. So watch out for these trainers that claim this, they are Number 2 in my call bull list.

3. Get you toned without adding muscle. This is a claim that some people in the industry use to target ladies who don't want to pack on muscle. Well, let us lay the gospel down right here. You can not tone a muscle, you can either keep it as it is, break it down or grow it, there ain't no toning to be had. What you really want is to build lean muscle and also lose the fat. In which order, is entirely up to you. So hear's to call bull number 3 in my list.

4. Supplements get you in shape quicker. Does anyone smell a strong smell of cow manure here, I certainly do. The supplement world is highly unregulated and there is claim after claim for the next best protein powder, fat loss pill blah blah blah. The truth is folks, with a properly balanced diet we don't really need all this stuff. Besides, it costs a friggin fortune. Supplements give very little return of investment and are maybe best left to the advanced athletes and gym users who want to pack it on. Joe or Jill Bloggs would be best spending it on some wholesome food.

5. Do you want this body, then with 4 easy installments of £99, you can have it with this new, amazing exercise machine. No need for fancy equipment, this is your complete gym at home. Plus we will throw you in a free 2 kg kettlebell. OMG seriously, what total rubbish do these TV promotions sell. I am not going to name them because I could not afford the court bills on fighting these mega rich companies. They sell these products based on easy routines that will give you all the results you want. Well its time to lay the law down again. If you aren't sweating and busting a ball, you ain't changing. Hard-work yields results, not comfort.

These are just a few claims made by so called experts. Remember the old saying, If it sounds to good to be true, it's probably BULL.

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