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Are Carbs Evil?

Not so many years ago, we where told to avoid Fats, fats are the devil and they make you fat. In a way I can see how people would think that? I don't need anymore fat, I have plenty?

10 years later and its all changed, you got to watch your carbs. Carbs make you fat or do they?


So what are carbs? Lets not get into the techno mumbo jumbo stuff, we will leave that for the fitness anoraks and keyboard warriors. Simple (Like men) Carbs and Complex ( Like Woman) Carbs.

Simple Carbs include: Table Sugar, Honey, Jams, Fruit Juices and Fizzy Drinks. There is many more but lets keep it short, you get the picture.

Complex Carbs include: Green Veg, Pasta, wholemeal bread, oatmeal, brown rice, spuds (potatoes for you guys reading this far a field) and you get me, a load more.

So are carbs evil? Well at its simplest terms, nothing will improve your long-term health more than cutting out simple sugars from your diet. Sugar is a killer and we consume far to much of it. So my number 1 tip is to at least cut it way back. Your mid-line will thank you for it, as well as your energy levels.

Now we come to complex carbs. These are an essential part of a balanced diet. Its all to do with portion size. Keep to no more than a cupped handful of these per meal for a lady and two for guys. However, if you want to lose weight, I would suggest one meal or two a day, free from bread, rice, potatoes and pasta. Maybe you could take an extra serving of vegetables instead. If you have just worked out, make sure to have complex carbs with your meal.

I'm yet to see successful weight loss from keeping Simple Sugars in your diet or having 3 or more complex carb meals.

So to clarify, lose the simple sugars and your health and well-being will sky rocket. Limit complex carbs to one or two meals a day and a third on training days. Keep portion size down and you will have the results you desire.

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