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Why I became a Personal Trainer


Back in the day, I spent a lot of my working life by my own in a small room, staring out a window for long periods of time. During these moments of boredom, I would spend it looking forward to my break and getting to the gym. Now it was a great job and I made some great friends but I felt like a caged animal.

Then one day we got the dreaded news, Redundancy. Lucky for us we had two years notice, so this gave me plenty of planning time.


Now, I knew I loved training in the gym and outdoors and I would spend a lot of my time training with my work buddies. We would enjoy the craic of working out together. So it stood to reason for me, to seek a new career in the fitness industry.

I always had small home gyms for my days off work and thus came the idea of making a bigger studio, to train others. The idea of Personal Training was born.

Through the next 2 years I studied and gained more and more qualifications in Personal Training, funded a lot by my ex employer, which I will always be grateful for. Using a bit of sweat and toil, I began the process of building my first studio. It was much smaller than the one I have now but proud I was of it none the less. Here's a wee picture of it.

My main goal was to focus on clients who wanted to train and improve themselves but like me did not like the hussle and bussle of the big commercial gym. I wanted to put the PERSONAL back into Personal Training.

Those early days where tough and I soon realized that it takes more than being a great trainer to make a great business. So through a little bit of trial and error my business began to morph into a fully functioning Personal Training career.


Time has shown me that everyone is different and they need to be treated in their own unique way. What works for some, just won't cut it for others. I have had some clients that have had, what I call The Eye of the Tiger and whatever is set down in front of them, they attack it. They are few and far between, my job is easy with them.

However, as much as I would wish, clients come from all differently levels of ability and desire. Some need more empathy and be gently guided along, others need simply a good kick up the rear end. These variations in clients abilities is what makes this career so interesting and always challenging.

Its not plain sailing, nor is it the job that Hollywood and the TV makes it out to be. It takes passion and a hard work mentality. I am the Trainer, Marketer, CEO, MD, Cleaner, Accountant and general dogs body of Chrisfit.

There has been some absolutely wonderful and amazing people that have came through my doors. I am so proud to know that as they continue on their new fitness journey, that it all began here with me. A good few have even begun careers as PT's, I wish them all the luck of the day and may they have nothing but success.


The last 6 months have seen new ideas beginning and I am now the proud owner of a new, fresh rebranded PT Business, ChrisFit. I have been helped so much by a few people. I would like to thank Tanya (Agony Aunt) Monteith for her quiet advice in the background. Russell (I love Burpees) Yates for his skill in design and print. Most of all my business manager Karen (Take no prisoners) Yates for her skills and guidance in all things Marketing.


So I enter new and exciting times and with it I bring passion, experience, knowledge and amazing clients. I look forward to continuing helping my clients and I look forward to guiding new clients on their journey with ChrisFit.

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