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Out-train a bad diet

In my gym, I call it the magic hour. That hour where I wave my magic wand and fix all my clients problems. All those bad food choices they made that week, all those lack of steps and magicking away all those Gin calories. The only problem with this magic hour, is that it does not exist.

Now, you will hear many an expert say through social media, do this and eat what you want or this exercise melts away all your fat. I can honestly tell you now, they are lying and will tell you anything to get that like or follow. In the hope you will buy their product on down the line.

Here is a couple of examples why exercise alone does not cut it for what most peoples main goal is, weight-loss.

This week, a client completed 13 different walks, taking a total of 5hrs 30 mins to complete and burnt a total of 1738kcals. Now science would say if they took in their normal maintenance calories, they should in theory have lost 0.5 pounds of fat. Now I dont know about you but that is a serious lack of return on your investment. All that time for half a pound.

Here is a few examples of what you could consume in roughly 1700kcals. A night where you consume 8 G& T's or maybe a Dominoes Large Margarita or how about a large Mickey D's Big Mac Meal, Coke and a McFlurry. Now being honest that is easy done, just one calorie dense treat meal and say goodbye to all that effort. 20 minutes eating to lose all that work in 5 and a half hours walking.

Another example is, a client just completed a half marathon this week and done amazing may I add. In total she burned 1799kcals in doing so. So pretty much the same amount of calories as the walker. Could you imagine the effort put in to do that run, then going and horsing a few Gins down your neck. All those calories replaced in no time.

So what do we do? How do we fix it? Well if you are hoping to hear some new magical idea, you are reading the wrong blog. The secret is this, keep doing the walks and the runs. Keep hitting the gym and working your ass off. Just don't ruin it all by being an idiot and think you can now eat what you want because you trained hard that day. Good healthy food choices must always be your first priority. Leaving the treats for when you deserve them and working hard as you can until then.

So I gave you some unhealthy options for 1700kcal meals and drinks, so here is an example of healthy options you could try.



  • Two eggs scrambled

  • One slice 100-percent whole grain toast

  • One tablespoon 100-percent fruit spread

  • One cup 100-percent apple juice as a beverage


  • Wrap with one whole grain tortilla; one-half cup chopped chicken; three tomato slices; one tablespoon light mayonnaise; lots of lettuce; and one ounce shredded light cheese

  • One cup non-fat milk as a beverage


  • One three-ounce sirloin steak

  • One cup cooked green beans

  • One medium baked sweet potato

  • One small glass red wine as a beverage


  • Several glasses of water

  • Three-fourths cup plain yogurt with one tablespoon honey

  • One-half cup raw carrots

  • 14 walnut halves

  • One cup 100-percent grapefruit juice

Nutrition Information

  • Total Calories - 1,701

So as you can see, plenty of good food without the calorie dense junk. Be smart, train hard, eat well, live longer.

Peace out ChrisFit

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