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Life leads down many a path. Some good, others not so good. I'm a big believer in the decisions we make on a daily bases, can decide outcomes in our future.

I myself, have made some terrible decisions that have changed future outcomes, obviously for the worse. I have also made some great decisions that I have been so thankful for in the future.

Then we have, the little decisions we make in a daily bases, that can also decide outcomes. Little things such as, will I drive by the gym today and go straight home to a lit fire. Maybe this morning, I will have a wee lay in and not get up and make a decent healthy breakfast, I'll just grab a bacon butty on the way to work instead.

Now. I'm no life coach, or counsellor, although sometimes I'm treated like one but that's OK, I like to help. So I won't be blogging about those big decisions you have made, this is about the little decisions.

I base my decisions on Yes or No. It really is that simple. Will I skip the gym or will I not. Then I say to myself, whats the benefit of the Yes and the No. The Yes, then I get to chill and not bust a sweat. The No, I feel I have accomplished something and generally it leads to be being positive all day.

So, the next time you go to reach for that scone or chocolate bar, ask yourself the Yes and No question and then think about the outcome of it.

I'm going to paint a scenario here, Imagine a client called Jean, is in with me Friday but for one reason or another, she decides to cancel her session. Lets say she wants a wee lay in. So Jean starts her weekend making what she sees as a negative decision and feels bad about it all day. She then thinks later on, OK come Monday I am going to get that session in and work hard all week but for now I will enjoy my weekend.

She orders her fav Chinese that night and has a wee glass of rosie, which quickly leads onto a bottle and a half and some crisps. Next morning, the gravings start and a bacon and egg soda starts her day. Which then leads to feeling like absolute crap and she can't be bothered moving off her sofa all day. You get my drift, the weekend becomes an absolute mess. The outcome being, that she has stuck on a few pound. All from that one decision on Friday morning, a little Yes or No question.

Now, don't be expecting an answer to this dilemma you may face. There isn't one, you got to walk that walk alone. Your experiences in life from your Yes and No decisions will have shaped your attitude.

I'll give you one question to ask yourself tomorrow and start the process. Ask yourself this, Will I make any bad decisions today or will I not, Yes or No.



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