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It's all in the grind

Today I wanted to touch on the subject of how to get to where you want to be.

Generally I will talk about it in a fitness term but it really can be applied in all parts of your life.

Using the Transtheoretical Model (Stages of Change) I will hopefully give you an insight to how we as humans work.

Imagine your journey as a big circle and we are going to split that journey into stages.

Stage 1- Precontemplation

You are plodding along in your life, eating what you want, not doing any exercise and generally not giving a dam about it. You're content with how you are, yeah you are putting on weight but you really aren't that bothered.

Maybe some of your friends workout and are getting in shape but you can't help but think, it's all to much effort for me to be bothered with.

This my friends is Precontemplation.

Stage 2- Contemplation.

To me this is the stage people are going through in October - December.

Imagine yourself saying this, 'Right it's coming up to the end of year and I really need to get a grip of myself. So come January I'm off the drink and starting the gym. There's not much point starting now, with Christmas only around the corner'.

So during this stage, you recognise that your behaviours need to change but at the same time you are still heavily influenced by your current thought patterns and lifestyle choices.

We all love to find a reason to delay things. Who doesn't hit the snooze alarm a few times before getting up? By the way, I don't lol. As soon as that alarm goes I'm up but I've conditioned myself through my life to be like that, plus I'm a true early bird.

Stage 3- Preparation

It's just after Christmas and before the New Year. You begin to make inquires about gym memberships or weight loss clubs. Maybe you even reach out to a trainer and book a Consultation, like many do with me during this time of year.

This is the preparation stage and you begin to take small steps that you believe will help change your behaviours. You are beginning to enter a crucial stage.

Stage 4- Action

So you've signed up for a gym membership, maybe you have even got yourself a PT. You have been training hard for a few weeks or months. Making good healthy food choices and generally being more active. You are also making headway towards your health goals.

You have now entered the Action stage and this stage can last up to about 6 months.

During this stage you can obtain decent results towards your long term goals. However, habit has not been created yet and there is many obstacles that can derail you before a strong habit is installed. So you must be strong and fight through the distractions that can revert you to your old habits.

During the Action Stage, set smaller realistic goals. Goals that can be achievable in a few months. This will help you focus until you have installed your new routine as a strong habit.

Stage 5- Maintenance

You've been working out consistently for 6 months now and making healthy nutrition choices. You have now entered the Maintenance phase.

This stage is where you have created new habits with regards health and find that it is ingrained in you now, to hit the gym and eat healthy. Ask anybody who has got where they want to be and they will say the same thing. Hard work and good nutritional principles for a long period of time.

When in this stage, you want to make sure that any barriers that may push you into relapse are quickly broken through. This is where you continue with your long term plan.

Final Point-During any of these stages, relapse can happen.

I have noticed through the years, that at certain times there is a higher risk of it happening. Returning from holidays, injuries, busy at work or heavy weekends.

Now I am not going to give you the answer to overcoming relapse because it doesn't exist. I will say however, you have got to respect the Grind and keep at it until you have developed strong, new habits.

In the words of Roy castle, 'Dedication is what you need, if you want to be a record breaker'.

Thanks Chris

PS Why not book a consultation with me and we can discuss it further.


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